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Maggast Solotzo

Added 2008-04-22 Good Rating 50.7%

I Know It's Not The Season, But That Doesn't Seem To Matter. Emphasis On The Title Of This Is On Naughty...not Santa. Meggast Gets Ready For Your Lap.


Added 2008-04-22 Good Rating 50.7%

Charles' Wife Mindy Has Been Complaining About Loosing Her Youth As Of Late. These Pictures Are From 97-98. She Looks Amazing. There Is No Way You've Lost It Babe!

Shame And Humiliation!

Added 2008-04-22 Bad Rating 49.9%

Never Enter A Bet Where The Terms Involve Being Harris' Slave For A Day. He Will Hold You To It And You Will Evidently Be Subject Of Intense Abuse And Embarrassment.


Added 2008-04-21 Good Rating 50.5%

Liz Loves The Water. More Than Half Of These Pictures Depict Her About To Get Wet One Way Or Another. Why Not Get Into Watersports Liz?

Booty Camp

Added 2008-04-21 Bad Rating 49.9%

This Milf Is Seriously Hot And I Would Love To Spend My Summers At Her Booty Camp. Give Us Some Faceshots Next Time Guys. Thanks!


Added 2008-04-21 Bad Rating 49.9%

Mia Is A Bit Young For Me, But She's Had A Child Recently. Brent Says That Her Figure Went All To Hell After She Gave The Baby Up, And Now She's Quit Trying.


Added 2008-04-20 Good Rating 50.6%

Anette Is A Country Girl Who Struck Her First Poses In The Great Outdoors. Since Then She's Gotten Better At It. Love The Bathtub Pics....minus The Bubbles!

Hot Wife

Added 2008-04-20 Good Rating 50.5%

Matt Was Dating This Older Woman For A Couple Of Months, And He Managed To Get Some Soft Pics Of Her Nice Tits. Tuff To Do, Especially In Her Husbands House!


Added 2008-04-19 Good Rating 51.2%

Helen Likes A Little Abuse. You Know The Type, Rose Tattooed On Her Ass Check, And She Squatting On A Big Black Dick. Slap That Ass And Ride The Wave!


Added 2008-04-19 Good Rating 50.5%

These Are Dillon's Souvenir Of His Heyday. Sheri Was Some Raunchy Couger He Was Banging Back In The Early Nineties.


Added 2008-04-19 Good Rating 50.7%

This Is Alabama Cait. She Strung Kelvin Along For Years, Before She Finally Took The Plunge With Him. Too Bad She Wasn't As Serious About It As He Was.


Added 2008-04-19 Bad Rating 47.8%

There Is Nothing Easier To Score On Than A Big Titty Middle Aged Whore. Well, Maybe A Break Away With An Empty Net. Eve Is Probably Easier Though.

Garth's Wife

Added 2008-04-18 Good Rating 52.3%

Garth Has A Beautiful Wife. If She Were Mine, I Wouldn't Let Her Own A Vibrator....but My Cock Would Be Constantly At Her Service!


Added 2008-04-18 Good Rating 51.1%

Awesome Pics Of A Swinger Party From Sean In Colorado. Every Couple Is Great Looking And They Really Mix It Up As A Group. Thanks Guys!


Added 2008-04-18 Good Rating 50.9%

This Is A Hot Older Woman. Ira Is A California Housewife, I'm Guessing On The Coast Somewhere By The Looks Of Her. Very Hot, Thanks!


Added 2008-04-18 Good Rating 50%

Seth And His Wife Bump Their Hairy Parts Together Until His Throw Up All Over Hers. Great If You're Into Hair! Thanks Guys.

Gabe 3

Added 2008-04-17 Good Rating 50.3%

Last Set From Gabe. I'd Love To See More From You Two, But I Doubt That There Is Much Uncharted Territory Left On That Woman. Thanks!


Added 2008-04-17 Bad Rating 49.7%

These Two Are Business Partners And They Are Closing Out A Long Night Of Celebrating. This Is A Hooker Named Sugar Whom They Propositioned After The Bar.


Added 2008-04-17 Bad Rating 49.3%

Leah-Anne Has One Kid Who Is Already 8 Years Old Named Karim. Needless To Say, She Was Knocked Up By A Black Fella In Highschool. Looks Like She's Doing Well Though.

Jessamy's Fiance

Added 2008-04-17 Bad Rating 49.4%

Jessamy Presents His Fiance. She Looks Kind Of Heroin She Just Fell Out Of The Washing Machine. At Least She's Clean As A Whistle! Thanks Jessamy.

Spanish Mama

Added 2008-04-16 Good Rating 50.6%

Caro Loves To Eat Pussy. He Buries His Face In His Girlfriend's Pussy All Day Long. Bit Of A Mismatch If You Ask Me, But Some Guys Love A Spanish Omelet!


Added 2008-04-16 Good Rating 50.5%

This Is Sam. She's A 29 Year Old Mother Of 2 Living In Detroit. She's Waiting For Slim Shady To Come Rescue Her I Think. Thanks Sam.

Gabe 2

Added 2008-04-16 Bad Rating 49.8%

2nd Part Of Gabe's Filthy Cumslut! I Wouldn't Put My Tongue Anywhere Near Her Stretched Out Pussy, But I'm Glad To See That Gabe Is That Right Man For The Job!


Added 2008-04-16 Bad Rating 49.8%

This 40+ Year Old Lady Wants To Be Able To Show Herself On The Web, And She Sent Me A Nice Email So I've Obliged Her. She's Also Equipped With Some Nice Big Tits.

Brides Maid Brad

Added 2008-04-15 Good Rating 51.2%

These Are The Only Type Of Photos That Should Ever Be Taken At A Wedding. This Brides Maid Was Whisked Upstairs To Her Room Halfway Though The Reception. Nice Work Bradley!


Added 2008-04-15 Good Rating 50.9%

This Is A Serious Mature Slut. Gabe Submitted Over 80 Pix Of This Milf Getting Defiled And I Will Be Sharing Them With You Over The Next Few Days. Enjoy!

Eric In Colombia

Added 2008-04-15 Good Rating 50.7%

Eric Shares Some Colombian Slut He Banged Only Once, But He Got Tons Of Pictures. Good Will Last Longer Like This!

Angel And Amen 3

Added 2008-04-15 Bad Rating 49.9%

Another 20 Pics From Our Resident Exhibitionist Couple Angel And Amen. Keep Up The Good Work Guys, I Love Your Stuff!

Dan's M.O.

Added 2008-04-14 Good Rating 50.7%

Danny Submits These With His Motto "when The Red River Is Running Take The Dirt Road Home!". You Are A Filthy Man....and My Hero! Thanks Dan!

Mature Piece

Added 2008-04-14 Good Rating 50.9%

If My Wife's Pussy Looked Like This I Would Probably Focus On Fucking Her In The Ass Too. I'd Probably Get Her On The Rowing Machine Too!


Added 2008-04-14 Bad Rating 49.5%

Nassine Is A Kinky Freak. Once Cock Is Rarely Enough For Her, And She Demands That Her Husband Fuck Her And Cum In Her Mouth Frequently Each Day. What An Awesome Woman!


Added 2008-04-14 Bad Rating 48.8%

Sara Is A Hooker That Pat Picked Up In Israel. I Would Think It's Pretty Difficult To Find Them In That Country. She Is Certainly A Nice Treat Though.


Added 2008-04-13 Good Rating 51.7%

Okay, So This Chick Isn't A Mom, But She's Sluttier Than Any Forty Year Old I've Ever Banged! I Love A Woman In Stockings, I Would Rip Those Things Open And Go.

CP Lick

Added 2008-04-13 Good Rating 51.1%

Nice Mixture Of Pics From Martin Of His Exgirlfriend Of 5 Years. She Told Him To Piss Or Get Off The Pot. So He Lives In Colorado Now.

Anal Whore

Added 2008-04-13 Bad Rating 49.8%

The Term Is Thrown Around Loosely Sometimes, But This Girl Isn't A Butt-slut....she's An Anal Whore! Cam Found Her On Craigslist In Toronto. 80$/hr Anal OK!


Added 2008-04-13 Bad Rating 49.2%

Huge Beautiful Lips On This Chardonnay Drinking Couger. Eating Her Out Would Feel Like A Makeout Session.....or A Meal After That Banana Gets Stuffed Up There.


Added 2008-04-12 Good Rating 52.6%

Nice Hardcore And Softcore Pictures Of Janic From Sweden. She Does It All And She Even Stuffs A Toy In Her Ass At The End. Thanks Janic.

Old Gold!

Added 2008-04-12 Good Rating 51.1%

This Is More Than A Couger, It's More Like A Siberian White Tiger! She Is Old, But She Is Into The New Stuff, Like Sticking Toys Up That Ass! Lol!

Litchi Juice?

Added 2008-04-12 Good Rating 50.4%

I Always Loved Delicious Litchi Juice, But I'm Surprised She's Making Subs For Her Mans Huge Cock. Look At That Pussy Get Stretched.

Hairy Milf

Added 2008-04-12 Good Rating 50.7%

Hairy Milf Penetrated In Every Hole And From Every Angle. Emry Fucked This Woman For 6 Months But She Was Smart Enough To Never Let Him Get A Picture Of Her Face.

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