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Added 2008-01-22 Good Rating 50.4%

Brenda And Jackson Use Some Familiar Characters To Clear The Hair Off Of That Beautiful Pussy Of Hers. Kermit Is The Man! Thanks Guys.


Added 2008-01-22 Good Rating 50.1%

Danielle Has A 3 Year Old From A Previous Marriage, But She Puts The Kid To Bed And Goes Out Looking For Dinner. Andrew Fed Her On This Night!


Added 2008-01-22 Bad Rating 48.7%

Nadege Part 2. She Goes A Bit Farther Today, And We Get Some Nice Nude Shots From Behind. Stay Tuned For Some More Of Her Tomorrow.


Added 2008-01-21 Good Rating 50.1%

I Got An Enormous Amount Of Photos From An Angry Exhusband Today Of His Hot Exwife Nadege. Stay Tuned Over The Next Few Days For All The Pics.

Simon's Wife

Added 2008-01-21 Bad Rating 49.7%

Simon Abuses His Hot Wife On Camera, And She Loves It. Where Do You Find A Woman Like This Hot Mature Babe?

Josh And Mon. 2

Added 2008-01-21 Bad Rating 48.9%

Part 2 Of Monica And Josh Today. This One Has Some Sex Appeal. I Like When She's Wearing Her Glasses And Is Trying To Play A Schoolgirl. What A Fox.


Added 2008-01-21 Bad Rating 47.3%

This Is How You Keep Your Wife In Line In Russia. Aglaya Stares Down The Barrel Of Her Husbands Piece And Gets Unloaded On. Thanks Zhenya

Weekly Milf Mix

Added 2008-01-21 Bad Rating 46.1%

BONUS - Ever See A Girl Walking Down The Street Who You Wish Was Around When You Were Young? Where Did She Get That T&A From? She Got It From Her Mama!

Self Fister

Added 2008-01-20 Good Rating 50.5%

This Dirty Self Fisting Mom, Does It On A Twin Bed That No Doubt Belongs To One Of Her Little Ones. Filthy Momma!

Cornfed Wife

Added 2008-01-20 Good Rating 50.2%

Something For Mature Lovers! This Hairy Cornfed Housewife From The Midwest Poses On The Bed And Spreads Her Fur Patch!

Josh And Monica

Added 2008-01-20 Bad Rating 48.2%

Monica And Josh Collected Pictures Of Their Sexcapades Throughout Their Marriage. Stay Tuned Tomorrow For The Second Half Of Their Best.


Added 2008-01-20 Bad Rating 47.6%

Huge Naturals On This Lady. Unfortunately She Goes Aux-naturelle When It Comes To Shaving Her Hair Too. Check Out Ann's Mustache.

Junk In The Trunk

Added 2008-01-19 Good Rating 51.3%

Lots Of Junk In The Trunk On This Mature Piece. It Takes A Real Man To Dominate An Ass Like That! Nice Work Carl.

Hot Blonde

Added 2008-01-19 Bad Rating 49.7%

This Hot Mama Will Do Anything To Feel Young Again. She Pierced Her Navel, And Shaves Around Her Old Pussy, But It All Looks Pretty Good.

Blue Eyed Girl

Added 2008-01-19 Bad Rating 48%

This Blue Eyed Couger Was A Regular At Brent's House While He Was Doing His Doctorate At Columbia In NY. Nice Shaved Pussy On This Minx.


Added 2008-01-19 Bad Rating 47.4%

This Was Sent To Me By An Angry Husband In Germany. His Wife Was A Habitual Cheater And Ruined His Life, And Now He's Going To Ruin Hers. Antje The Slut!


Added 2008-01-18 Good Rating 50.1%

Blair Was Engaged To This Fine Specimen Of Woman For 8 Months, But His Job Caused Them To Split. Dang, Where Is Sophie Now?


Added 2008-01-18 Bad Rating 49.6%

This Mature Skank Loves To Have Her Huge Nipples Pinched, And Our Submitter Says That Jackie Is The Town Bike!


Added 2008-01-18 Bad Rating 48.6%

I Will Give You Two Guesses As To What This One's Profession Is, And I'm Guessing That You Won't Need The Second One!

Super Slutty Mom

Added 2008-01-18 Bad Rating 46.2%

Mike Says That This Is His 18 Year Old Girlfriends Mom, And That She Invited Him Over To Her Place With 2 Of His Friends To "party" After Her Daughter Left For Europe.

Derek's Ex

Added 2008-01-17 Good Rating 52.7%

Derek Took These Pictures Of His Girl Before He Shipped To Afghanistan. They Are Broken Up Now And He Hopes That This Will Help Him Get Over It.

Amanda Babcock

Added 2008-01-17 Good Rating 50.9%

Dia Submits His Baby's Mama Amanda. She Loves The Camera. According To Dia, She Thinks Her Shit Don't Stink. Well, Does The Babys?

Scandalous Babe

Added 2008-01-17 Bad Rating 47.2%

Matt Had An Affair With This Woman Who Was Married And Older Than He Was, But She's Still Gorgeous. She Has Great Tits And She Knows It.


Added 2008-01-17 Bad Rating 46.5%

Rex Used To Work For Deborah, And One Day He Found A Disk Full Of Nude Pictures In Her Office. He Says That There's A Lot More. Yes Please!

Body Rebound

Added 2008-01-16 Good Rating 50.8%

This Is A Horny New Mom. She Had Her First Child 13 Months Ago, And She Wanted To Show Off Her Figure. Looking Good Mama!


Added 2008-01-16 Bad Rating 47.9%

Some Pics Of The Wife Squatting On A Stool And Showing Off Her Thong, Along With A Little Ass! Thanks Margaret.

Cali Cutie

Added 2008-01-16 Bad Rating 44%

Marcus Shares Pics Of His California Cutie. I Love Those Little Tits, And Her Sun Drenched Skin Tone. Very Sexy!


Added 2008-01-15 Good Rating 51.4%

Is There Anything Sweeter Than Chilling Out On The Balcony With The Sun On Your Face? Yes, There Is! If Sondi Is There, It Is A Little Better.


Added 2008-01-15 Good Rating 50.9%

This Couger Has Gone Wild! Mandy Shared These Pictures With A Younger Man She Met On An Online Dating Site Called Fling. Now He's Sharing With Us, Thanks!

Hot Mama Cowgirl!

Added 2008-01-15 Bad Rating 49.1%

I Would Ride This Cowgirl! Finally There Is A Heterosexual Use For Buttless Chaps, And It's Not A Second Too Soon. What A MILF!


Added 2008-01-14 Bad Rating 49.3%

Some Lovely Glamor Shots Of Magda Striking Sexy Poses. These Pics Were Taken Under The False Pretense That She Could Get A Modeling Gig. Scummy Move Ross.


Added 2008-01-14 Bad Rating 48.6%

This Lady Is A 10 On The Couger Scale! Harlow Stalks Young Cock In Bars At Night, And Is Rarely Photographed In The Light! Nice Shots Ben.


Added 2008-01-14 Bad Rating 48.2%

Clara Puts Her Mouth To Use Doing What It Does 100% Of The Time That It Isn't Bitching In Spanish. Unfortunately This Only Happens For About 20 Mins A Day.


Added 2008-01-14 Bad Rating 46.8%

I Have Had Some Submissions Of Wives And Mothers Who Aren't As Mature As We Usually Like Kicking Around For A While. Today Is Cleaning Day!

Monday Milf Mix

Added 2008-01-14 Bad Rating 43.3%

BONUS - Dang, It's Hard To Believe That These Mature Beauties On The Beach And In The Bedroom Have Little Whipper Snappers Running Around Somewhere! Hot Mamas!

Bulgarian Minx

Added 2008-01-13 Bad Rating 48.8%

Dave Submits Hot Shots Of His Bulgarian Lover. His Wife Katarzyna From Poland Was Posted Earlier This Year. Which One Do You Think Is Best?


Added 2008-01-13 Bad Rating 46.4%

This Gorgeous Woman Is Lynn, Brought To You Courtesy Of Her Husband Ant. Thanks For Sharing Ant, She's A Fine Woman!

Joe's Girl

Added 2008-01-13 Bad Rating 46%

Joe's Playful Partner Poses For An Eclectic Mix Of Pics. She Loves To Roll Play, And Keep Things Exciting In Bed After 8 Years. You've Got Yourself A Keeper Joe.

Mike's Wife

Added 2008-01-13 Bad Rating 46.1%

This Is Mike And His Wife From A Few Years Ago. She's Still Hot As Ever, And He Says That She's Great In Bed. Looks Like It, Thanks!

Canadian Callgirl

Added 2008-01-12 Bad Rating 47.9%

Looks To Me Like This Canadian Chick Is Taking A Booty Call While Her Exboyfriend Is Busy Taking Pictures Which He Will Later Exploit Her With. Good Thinking.

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