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Added 2008-03-20 Bad Rating 49.6%

Arleen Did This Show For Her Boyfriend, And Now It's Getting A Few More Eyes Than She Bargained For. What Did She Expect?, She' The Hottest 30something Year Old I've Ever Seen!


Added 2008-03-20 Bad Rating 49.6%

Patricia Flashes Her Hairy Milf Beaver All Over The German Countryside. What A Milf, You Can Tell That She Predates The 70s By The Abundance Of Pubic Hair.


Added 2008-03-19 Bad Rating 49.8%

Hardcore Assfucking Dealt To Marie By Her Boyfriend. She Licks His Ass Clean And Gnaws On His Balls Afterwards. Pretty Kinky Stuff!

Double E?

Added 2008-03-19 Bad Rating 49.8%

This Lady Must Have Back Pain. She Doesn't Want To Reveal Her Identity, But She Wanted To Hear What You All Thought. Check Out The Size Of Those Things!


Added 2008-03-19 Bad Rating 49.7%

I Always Prefer A Woman Who Is An Outdoorsey Type To The Shopping In The Mall With Your Credit Card Type. Here Is A Beauty At The Cottage.

Carley 2

Added 2008-03-19 Bad Rating 48.9%

It Didn't Work Out For Dave And Carley, And He's Too Good A Man Not To Blur Her Eyes In These Pics. But He Did Send Us Two You're Forgiven Dave.


Added 2008-03-18 Bad Rating 47.8%

Does It Look Like Barbara Enjoys Bobbing Her Husbands Knob A Bit? I Wish My Wife Was This Happy To Blow Me All The Time. You're A Lucky Man Bruce.

Gerri From DelRay

Added 2008-03-18 Bad Rating 49.1%

This Couger Has Been Back-ended More Times Than A Ford Pinto! Gerri Is Notorious In Del Ray Beach. Thanks Blair.


Added 2008-03-18 Bad Rating 45%

This Is Dave's Exwife Carley. She Never Gave Him Any Kids, And She Never Worked Either. She Must Have Given A Great BJ To Have Stuck Around As Long As She Did.


Added 2008-03-17 Good Rating 50%

Sarah, Is A German Slut Who Like A Variety Of Cocks....and She Gets It! Some New Year's Eve Photos And Some Standard Gangbang Pics.


Added 2008-03-17 Bad Rating 49.8%

Here Is A Nice Milf. 42 Years Old, Stay At Home Mom, And She Still Finds Time To Show Off Her Perfectly Shaved Pussy. Very Nice Steph, Thanks.


Added 2008-03-17 Bad Rating 49.3%

Janet Is An Aging Hipster, But I Would Still Motor Boat Those Saggy Tits! This Hippie Chick Is Still Letting The Good Times Roll!


Added 2008-03-17 Bad Rating 48.5%

Rebbecca Showcases Her Body For Us, With Emphasis On Her Ample Breasts. There Is An Abundance Of Pubic Hair, But I Think I Like It For A Change!


Added 2008-03-16 Good Rating 51.3%

I Got Two Days Worth Of Pictures Of Sarah. She's A German Slut, And The Queen Of The Gangbang In Her Swingers Group. More Tomorrow.


Added 2008-03-16 Bad Rating 49.7%

Dan Submits His Exwife Valerie. She Was A Bit Shy At First, But Over The Years He Wore He Down And Got Some Nice Pics. Thanks Dan.


Added 2008-03-16 Bad Rating 48.8%

Drew Has Been Fucking This Lady For Over A Year, And She Still Forces Him To Wear A Condom. Makes It Difficult For Him To Give Her Facials.....but He Manages.

Fuzz On The Bun

Added 2008-03-16 Bad Rating 46.8%

There's A Bit Of Fuzz On This Chick, But Nothing A Little Wax Or A Razor Couldn't Fix. A Nice Over All Package Though. Thanks Carlos.


Added 2008-03-15 Good Rating 51.3%

Alyssa And Paul Were Married For Their Early Twenties, And When They Couldn't Reproduce She Left Him. Here Are Some Pictures Of Her Happy In The Beginning.

UK Call Girl

Added 2008-03-15 Bad Rating 49.4%

Bryce Tipped This Call Girl An Extra $60 So That He Could Keep These Pictures. Dang, At 15% She Would Be $400 And Hour. Was She Worth It Mate?

Johan's Wife

Added 2008-03-15 Bad Rating 49.2%

This Is Johan's Swedish Wife. She Looks Like A Lot Of Fun. I Can't Understand Anything He Said In The Email, But Thanks Anyway Johan!

Feliz Navidad

Added 2008-03-15 Bad Rating 49%

Welcome To Rio! This Is Pablo's Big Butt Girlfriend Celebrating Christmas In Their Apartment In Brazil. Feliz Navidad!

FL Lez 2

Added 2008-03-14 Good Rating 53.7%

Part 2 Of Our Florida Lesbians. The Brunette Won't Show Her Face, But The Blonde Is Gorgeous. What A Sexy Couple Of Ladies!

Swap Boxxx

Added 2008-03-14 Good Rating 50.6%

Two Mature Lesbians Take Turns Muff Diving Infront Of Shawn's Camera. Nice Show, Thanks Guys!


Added 2008-03-14 Good Rating 50.3%

This Hot Milf Sucks Her Hubby's Cock Until He Cums In Her Mouth. I Can Never Remember To Take A Picture While I'm Cumming. How Do You Manage?

FL Lez

Added 2008-03-14 Bad Rating 48.9%

Another Lesbian Couple Today, These Ones Are From Florida, And Have Some Nice Tanlines. All Of The Pale Skin Is Like A Bullseye!

Morning Session

Added 2008-03-13 Good Rating 50%

Kris From France Shows Off His Ex-girlfriend. This Is One Of Their Morning Sessions. This Girl Does It All And Loves Anal.


Added 2008-03-13 Bad Rating 48.4%

Blair's Ex Crystal Had A Smoking Hot Body In These Old Pictures Taken In Red Rock, But She Was Pregnant Within 6 Months Of Leaving Him, And Now She's A Whore!


Added 2008-03-13 Bad Rating 48.3%

This Costa Rican Babe Only Knows One Pose, But It's A Good One. Prone Position.....bend At The Waist And Take It Like A Champion Baby!

Justin's Ex.

Added 2008-03-13 Bad Rating 46.8%

Justin's Exwife Sent Him These Pictures Last Week To Try To Make Him Jealous About What He Was Missing. LOL, Nobody's Going To Miss It Now. Thanks Justin.

Poker Night

Added 2008-03-12 Good Rating 52.7%

I Want To Know How I Can Get Invited To Your Poker Night Mark. Are Those Pros, Or Are They Mistress' Or Wives? Either Way, I'm All-in!


Added 2008-03-12 Good Rating 50.6%

Lynn Looks Pretty Good For Forty, And She Has Had That Streak Of White Hair Since She Was In College According To Her Husband. You Are Gorgeous Lynn!


Added 2008-03-12 Good Rating 50.7%

Lisa-Ann Is A Kinky Lady. She Loves Having Anal Sex With Her Hubby On The Sex Swing. When She's Naughty She Likes To Be Spanked. I Bet That Is All The Time.

Dan And Kate

Added 2008-03-12 Bad Rating 48.7%

Nothing Settles The Pre-wedding Jitters Like Having A Little Fun In The Wedding Dress. Dan And Katie You Guys Are A Hot Couple, Thanks!


Added 2008-03-11 Good Rating 52%

Some Blurry Pictures Of Claudia In The Shower, But I Can Still Tell That Paul Is A Lucky Man! Hot Damn, Look At That Body! Way To Keep It Together Honey!


Added 2008-03-11 Good Rating 51.1%

Stella Is Dan's Exwife. He Shares His Collection Of Naughty Pics That He Collected Throughout The Marriage. At Least You Have Memories.


Added 2008-03-11 Bad Rating 48.4%

Mix Of Softcore And Hardcore Pictures Of Chantal Posing Around The House. She's Only In Her Thirties, But She's A Hot Little Number None The Less.

911 Fridays

Added 2008-03-10 Bad Rating 49.7%

Some Pictures From 911 Friday's, Which Is A Swingers Club That Has A Nurse Fetish Night. I Think Everyone Is Into This, It's Hardly A Fetish.

Gold Diggin' Christy Olvera

Added 2008-03-10 Bad Rating 49.4%

This Is Eric's Ex-girlfriend Christy. He Wasted 5 Years On Her Before He Discovered That She Was A Money Grubbin Whore. She Sold Herself For A Few Bucks More. Tuff Break E.


Added 2008-03-10 Bad Rating 49.3%

Our Hot Minx Janet Is Back From Yesterday! She Loves The Spotlight, And I'm Going To Keep Her In It For A While. More To Come Tomorrow!

Patricia C.

Added 2008-03-10 Bad Rating 47%

Some Softcore Lingerie Pics Of Allen's Girlfriend. She Was Sending Him These To Keep Him Occupied While Serving In Afghanistan. She Was Keeping Busy Back Home Too.

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