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Cali Cutie

Added 2008-01-16 Bad Rating 44%

Marcus Shares Pics Of His California Cutie. I Love Those Little Tits, And Her Sun Drenched Skin Tone. Very Sexy!


Added 2008-01-15 Good Rating 51.4%

Is There Anything Sweeter Than Chilling Out On The Balcony With The Sun On Your Face? Yes, There Is! If Sondi Is There, It Is A Little Better.


Added 2008-01-15 Good Rating 50.9%

This Couger Has Gone Wild! Mandy Shared These Pictures With A Younger Man She Met On An Online Dating Site Called Fling. Now He's Sharing With Us, Thanks!

Hot Mama Cowgirl!

Added 2008-01-15 Bad Rating 49.1%

I Would Ride This Cowgirl! Finally There Is A Heterosexual Use For Buttless Chaps, And It's Not A Second Too Soon. What A MILF!


Added 2008-01-14 Bad Rating 49.2%

Some Lovely Glamor Shots Of Magda Striking Sexy Poses. These Pics Were Taken Under The False Pretense That She Could Get A Modeling Gig. Scummy Move Ross.


Added 2008-01-14 Bad Rating 48.6%

This Lady Is A 10 On The Couger Scale! Harlow Stalks Young Cock In Bars At Night, And Is Rarely Photographed In The Light! Nice Shots Ben.


Added 2008-01-14 Bad Rating 48.2%

Clara Puts Her Mouth To Use Doing What It Does 100% Of The Time That It Isn't Bitching In Spanish. Unfortunately This Only Happens For About 20 Mins A Day.


Added 2008-01-14 Bad Rating 46.8%

I Have Had Some Submissions Of Wives And Mothers Who Aren't As Mature As We Usually Like Kicking Around For A While. Today Is Cleaning Day!

Monday Milf Mix

Added 2008-01-14 Bad Rating 43.2%

BONUS - Dang, It's Hard To Believe That These Mature Beauties On The Beach And In The Bedroom Have Little Whipper Snappers Running Around Somewhere! Hot Mamas!

Bulgarian Minx

Added 2008-01-13 Bad Rating 48.7%

Dave Submits Hot Shots Of His Bulgarian Lover. His Wife Katarzyna From Poland Was Posted Earlier This Year. Which One Do You Think Is Best?


Added 2008-01-13 Bad Rating 46.4%

This Gorgeous Woman Is Lynn, Brought To You Courtesy Of Her Husband Ant. Thanks For Sharing Ant, She's A Fine Woman!

Joe's Girl

Added 2008-01-13 Bad Rating 46%

Joe's Playful Partner Poses For An Eclectic Mix Of Pics. She Loves To Roll Play, And Keep Things Exciting In Bed After 8 Years. You've Got Yourself A Keeper Joe.

Mike's Wife

Added 2008-01-13 Bad Rating 46%

This Is Mike And His Wife From A Few Years Ago. She's Still Hot As Ever, And He Says That She's Great In Bed. Looks Like It, Thanks!

Canadian Callgirl

Added 2008-01-12 Bad Rating 47.9%

Looks To Me Like This Canadian Chick Is Taking A Booty Call While Her Exboyfriend Is Busy Taking Pictures Which He Will Later Exploit Her With. Good Thinking.

Ugly Mel

Added 2008-01-12 Bad Rating 47.7%

This Mature Babe Was Engaged To Blair For Two Years Before She Broke It Off Just Before The Wedding And Told Him That She Was Still In Love With Her Ex!

Perrrfect Couger

Added 2008-01-12 Bad Rating 46.8%

Tyler Banged This Couger For 6 Weeks Last Summer. This Was His Living Quarters At The Resort He Worked At. What's Your Favorite Thing In His Room?


Added 2008-01-12 Bad Rating 45.6%

Some Down And Dirty Cell Phone Pics Of Seliquilla Posing In The Mirror. That Is One Big Latina! Check Out The Boobs On Her!


Added 2008-01-11 Good Rating 50.7%

A Little Asian Tonight? You Know What They Say, Fuck An Asian And You're Horny Again In An Hour! I Still Like A Nice Feed.

Rick James?

Added 2008-01-11 Bad Rating 48.7%

This Is Desmond's Exgirlfriend Carroll. They Had A Baby Together But Were Never Married. He Wanted You To Know That Her Hair Didn't Always Look Like That.


Added 2008-01-11 Bad Rating 48.7%

If I Laid Down In Bed Next To This Everynight, I Would Drop To My Knees And Thank My Lucky Stars. Sabryna Is More Than A Catch.


Added 2008-01-11 Bad Rating 47.5%

This Babe Is Marinna. Yiannis Dated Her For 9 Years, All The Way From Highschool. He Seems To Have Thought That A Zorro Mask Was Needed Here.


Added 2008-01-10 Good Rating 50.4%

We Are All About Diversity Here. Some Love It, Others Don't! Riding A Fire Carpet Is Always Fun If You Ask Me. Rachel Is On FIRE!


Added 2008-01-10 Good Rating 50.3%

This Mature Babe Is Living Proof That You Don't Have To Be 20 To Be Hot. Gerri Is 48 And Still Looks Amazing! Get Yours Babygirl!

Badonk A Donk!

Added 2008-01-10 Bad Rating 49.9%

Check Out The Junk In The Trunk On This Hot Mama! That Ass Just Keeps Getting Better With Age. You Are A Lucky Man Porter.


Added 2008-01-10 Bad Rating 48.8%

Nicole's Husband Took These Of Her Shortly After They Were Married. It Lasted Less Than 3 Years, And Now We Can Reminisce About The Honeymoon.


Added 2008-01-09 Bad Rating 48.9%

Russian Wife Strips Naked And Spreads For Her Comrad's Camera. Thanks Lena, That's A Good Girl. I Wonder How Much Vodka She Had Before That?

Blonde Or Brunette?

Added 2008-01-09 Bad Rating 47.6%

A Hot Unnatural Blonde Proves It By Showing That The Carpet Does Not Match The Drapes! Hairy Pussy On This Skinny Babe In Lingerie. Thanks


Added 2008-01-09 Bad Rating 46.7%

This Milf Got Started At A Young Age. She Had Her First Before She Was Out Of Highschool With A Black Fella, And Now She Has Another One. She's Only 24!


Added 2008-01-09 Bad Rating 46.7%

An Industry Friend Of Mine Auditions Girls For Modeling Gigs. This Is Mary. He Claims He Slept With Her In LA, And That She Didn't Get The Gig. Too Old? I Think Not.


Added 2008-01-08 Good Rating 50.1%

Clyde Will Be 51 This Year, And Shelly Will Be 38. She Is Looking Good Too. Clyde My Man, You Are On Fire. If You're Not Married You Should Marry Her.


Added 2008-01-08 Bad Rating 48.5%

This Lady Is A Foxxx! She Hasn't Managed To Trap Anybody Yet, So This Couger Pussy Is Perfectly Intact. This One Does Indeed Hunt Young Cock. Thanks Joel.


Added 2008-01-08 Bad Rating 49.8%

This May Be An Acquired Taste For Some, But If You Are Into Ebony And Mature, You Will Love Keishia From Atlanta.


Added 2008-01-08 Bad Rating 46.5%

Tricia Was A Goddess In The 80s. Now She's Had 2 Kids, And Is A Bitchy 40 Year Old. Frank Says That It Was No Longer Worth It. Enjoys Fond Memories With These Pics.

Simon's Ex

Added 2008-01-07 Good Rating 50.4%

Simon Broke It Off With This One Two Months Ago. He Had An Extensive Collection Of Pic, Not A Bad Severance Package If You Ask Me!


Added 2008-01-07 Bad Rating 46.7%

A Few Spicy Self Shots Coming Out Of Dupage Illinois. I Guess Her Blouse Hides The Piercings Usually, But The Cat's Out Of The Bag Now.

Helen Hunt

Added 2008-01-07 Bad Rating 45.7%

Does Anybody Else Have A Thing For Helen Hunt? This Minx Reminds Me Of Her. Not In As Good As It Gets, But Maybe In What Women Want.


Added 2008-01-07 Bad Rating 45.5%

This Babe's Pussy Has A Revers Mullet. Business In The Back And Party In The Front!

Couger Hunting Season!

Added 2008-01-05 Good Rating 55.1%

This Fine Mature Specimen Was A Nude Model Back In The 90s, And These Are Her Boyfriend's Private Collection Of Pics. Very Nice, Thanks Buddy.

Real Cancun

Added 2008-01-05 Bad Rating 49.6%

The Memories Of This Trip To Cancun Will Last A Lifetime. This Hot Mama Is A Health Professional In Seattle. She Broke Her Man's Heart Shortly After Their Return. Sorry.


Added 2008-01-05 Bad Rating 49.5%

What's Cookin' Good Lookin'? It Probably Is Too Hot For Me In This Kitchen. I'd Have To Seek Refuge In The Bedroom! Claudia Steams Up Her Exboyfriends Lens!

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