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Added 2008-04-09 Good Rating 50.9%

Jackie From Nebraska. These Pics Speak For Themselves. She Is Gorgeous! Huge Natural Tits, And A Gorgeous Lean And Mature Body. Thanks Clint!


Added 2008-04-09 Good Rating 50.7%

Just You Average Wife, Only She Likes To Dress Up Like A Whore, And Get Fucked In The Ass By Her Newlywed Husband. Ali, You Are Perfect.


Added 2008-04-09 Bad Rating 48.3%

Julie Took These After She Got Home From Jamaica On Her Two Week Vacation. What's With The Saran Wrap? Thanks For The Pics Jules


Added 2008-04-08 Good Rating 53%

Lori Is Pregnant Right Now With Her First, And She's Starting To Complain About Loosing Her Figure. She'll Get A Kick Out Of Seeing These On The Net. Thanks.


Added 2008-04-08 Good Rating 50.9%

Annette Is Aptly Pictured In These. James Says That She Was Such A "star Fish" In Bed That He Was Forced To Opt For Blowjobs. Too Bad, She's Cute!


Added 2008-04-08 Good Rating 50.7%

Eric Submits Pics Of His Lady Michelle. She's Hot In That China From The WWE Lookalike Kind Of Way. I Would Hit It In A New York Minute!


Added 2008-04-08 Good Rating 50.4%

Just A Few Pics Of Sharon From Tamecula, California. This Hot Mama Loves The Attention. I Bet She'd Get Some If She Strolled Down To The Beach Like That!


Added 2008-04-07 Good Rating 51.9%

Jodi Is A HOT Older Woman. Nice Big Natural Tits, And She Loves To Have Them Clamped. I Can Tell That She Likes To Party Too,by The Tell Tale Tattoo.


Added 2008-04-07 Good Rating 51.9%

Not Sure How That Old School Vibrator Is Working In The Car Unless It Is Plugged Into The Cigarette Lighter. I'm Not Complaining Though.

Rebound Girl

Added 2008-04-07 Good Rating 50%

This Is What The Women In Your Office Who Are Divorced Do With Their Vacation Time. Harry Caught This One Fresh Off The Rebound And Took Advantage. Thanks.


Added 2008-04-07 Bad Rating 49.6%

This Dirty Slut Likes A Little Abuse! She Has Two Kids At Home And She's Getting Dominated By These Two Scumbags In A Dingy Basement. Congratulations Ashley.


Added 2008-04-06 Good Rating 51.1%

Jaclyn Is Working On Her Second Child Right Now. I Don't Have A Pregnancy Fetish, But I Like Milk Filled Boobs. Too Bad Hers Aren't Huge.

Bill's Firebird

Added 2008-04-06 Good Rating 50%

Bill Drove A Trans Am Firebird Back In Highschool In The 80s. I Guess He Picked A Wife Who Reminds Him Of His Heyday. Nice Choice, I'd Kill For Her!

Off Balance Mommy

Added 2008-04-06 Bad Rating 49.8%

Here Is A Fine Mature Lady. She's Hairy As Hell, And Her Left Boob Is Much Larger Than Her Right One. That's A Bit Unusual. Luckily I'm Not Picky.


Added 2008-04-06 Bad Rating 49%

I Love A Woman With A Dark Skin Tone And A Rich Purple Pussy. This One Really Does It For Me. Nikala Shows The Over 30 Crowd How It's Done.


Added 2008-04-05 Good Rating 51.4%

This Slut Is Dolly, And She Gets A Lot Of Abuse From Her Husbands Tiny Cock! Sometimes She Needs To Get Fucked By His Friends. I Don't Blame Her.

White Stockings

Added 2008-04-05 Good Rating 50.1%

Roger Submits Pics Of His Wife In Sexy Thigh High White Stockings. No Face, But She Is A Nice Mature Lady. Thanks Roger.

Claudy's Maid

Added 2008-04-05 Good Rating 50%

Submissive German Housewife Plays The Part Well On Camera. I Always Wanted To Fuck A Maid While She Is Dusting. Thanks For Sharing Claudy.

Euro Milf?

Added 2008-04-05 Good Rating 50.2%

Series Of Pics Of A European Milf. Not Sure Where She's From, Maybe Somebody Knows? Wherever She's From, They Love Watersoprts!

Big Titty Jill

Added 2008-04-04 Good Rating 51.4%

Someone Is Going To Get Th Privilege Of Growing Up In This Happy Household. The Father To This Big Titty Mom Surely Gets It Done Twice A Day!


Added 2008-04-04 Good Rating 50.3%

Lilly Is A Newlywed, Which Means That This Lucky Sob Just Laid Claim To Her. John, Treat Her Right Or I Will Catch Her On The Rebound!

Sheila's Red Nose!

Added 2008-04-04 Bad Rating 49.8%

Sheila And Teddy Own A Tanning Salon, So Sheila's Rednose Is A Bit Of A Contrast To Her Dark Skin. Especially When Teddy Fucks Her A Minimum Of Twice A Day!


Added 2008-04-04 Bad Rating 48.3%

Kinky Couple! This Girl Is Blonde Up Top And Brunette In The Bottom. They Crossdress, Pierce, And Misuse Energy Drinks! Thanks Guys.

Cold Chick.

Added 2008-04-03 Good Rating 52.1%

This Cute Brunette Was Engaged To Our Submitter, But As You Can See, She Was Too Wild To Control. She Eventually Flaked Out And Went Back To Single Life.


Added 2008-04-03 Good Rating 50.9%

Pictures From Carl Of His Exwife Jade In Niagara Falls After Their Wedding. She's Like A Pornstar Carl, You Can Do Better Than That?

James' Ex

Added 2008-04-03 Good Rating 50.5%

If James Took Pictures Of Him Hooking Up With His Wife On Their Wedding Night, I Am Surprised That He Doesn't Have A Picture Of Them Signing The Divorce Papers.


Added 2008-04-03 Good Rating 50.6%

I Would Say That Marten Has Done Pretty Well For Himself Considering That He Is A Bald Dutch Man. I Would Love A Few Hours With Her. Thanks Marten


Added 2008-04-02 Good Rating 51.2%

OMG, This Is A Perfect Mature Specimen. Julianne Is A Fox! Here Is A Little Slice Of Backyard Paradise Before The Summer Gets Here.


Added 2008-04-02 Good Rating 50.8%

Pictures From Skip Of His Ex Girlfriend Helen From Burlington Vermont. I Bet She Was A Real Shot Of Life While She Lasted Skip.


Added 2008-04-02 Good Rating 50.3%

This Asian Couger Got Her Ass Rocked By A Young Cock, And Patrick Was Smart Enough To Document It. She's Pretty Hot, But You Can Imagine How Many Miles Are On That.


Added 2008-04-02 Bad Rating 49.1%

The Carpet Definitely Does Not Match The Drapes On Colleen, But If You're Into Redheads I Guess She Will Do. Looks Like She Has A Few Fetishes Of Her Own!


Added 2008-04-01 Good Rating 51.1%

An Awesome Collection, Showcasing Erin's Amazing Boobs. Jack Was Engaged To Her Before She Showed Her True Colors. You Must Still Have Fond Memories!


Added 2008-04-01 Good Rating 50%

I Would Not Be Surprised To Hear That Kathy's Husband Was The Producer Of The Movie Pocahontas Because This Mom Makes A Scorching Hot Indian.


Added 2008-04-01 Bad Rating 47.8%

This Is The Best Part Of My Job. Every Once In A While, I Get The Privilege Of Seeing Pictures Of A 34 Year Old Fitness Model Who Is Hotter Than Any Pornstar.


Added 2008-03-31 Good Rating 52.2%

This Mature Babe Is Greek So You Know She Is A Big Time Butt-slut Too! That Makes Tasia Twice As Much Of A Catch In My Book. Thanks Nikodemos.


Added 2008-03-31 Bad Rating 49.5%

More Pics Of Gray Haired Angel. She Loves The Abuse. Her Hubby Says That Sometimes He Finds Her At Home Tying Herself Up! Is That Possible?


Added 2008-03-31 Bad Rating 49.7%

This Dutch Couger Does It Like A Pro! She Can Even Get That Younger Guy To Eat Her Hairy Pussy In Most Of The Pics. Nice Work Hilde, Allstar-couger!


Added 2008-03-31 Bad Rating 48.6%

Some Sc Pics Of Dalhia Stripping In A Hotel Room With Her Exboyfriend. Mark Submitted These After She Left Him For A Guy In California.

Gregg's Meg

Added 2008-03-30 Good Rating 52.2%

Wow, This Is A Cute 30somthing Year Old. She Is Like Meg Ryan, Only Hot! Thanks For Sharing This Gem Gregg, And Keep Up The Good Work.


Added 2008-03-30 Good Rating 51.7%

Don't Scoff At Those Quiet Librarian Types Because Under That Frock, Like A Tight Ass And Waist Like There Is On Eileen. Nice Bod Girl!

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