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Added 2008-01-08 Bad Rating 48.5%

This Lady Is A Foxxx! She Hasn't Managed To Trap Anybody Yet, So This Couger Pussy Is Perfectly Intact. This One Does Indeed Hunt Young Cock. Thanks Joel.


Added 2008-01-08 Bad Rating 49.9%

This May Be An Acquired Taste For Some, But If You Are Into Ebony And Mature, You Will Love Keishia From Atlanta.


Added 2008-01-08 Bad Rating 46.5%

Tricia Was A Goddess In The 80s. Now She's Had 2 Kids, And Is A Bitchy 40 Year Old. Frank Says That It Was No Longer Worth It. Enjoys Fond Memories With These Pics.

Simon's Ex

Added 2008-01-07 Good Rating 50.3%

Simon Broke It Off With This One Two Months Ago. He Had An Extensive Collection Of Pic, Not A Bad Severance Package If You Ask Me!


Added 2008-01-07 Bad Rating 46.7%

A Few Spicy Self Shots Coming Out Of Dupage Illinois. I Guess Her Blouse Hides The Piercings Usually, But The Cat's Out Of The Bag Now.

Helen Hunt

Added 2008-01-07 Bad Rating 45.7%

Does Anybody Else Have A Thing For Helen Hunt? This Minx Reminds Me Of Her. Not In As Good As It Gets, But Maybe In What Women Want.


Added 2008-01-07 Bad Rating 45.5%

This Babe's Pussy Has A Revers Mullet. Business In The Back And Party In The Front!

Couger Hunting Season!

Added 2008-01-05 Good Rating 55.1%

This Fine Mature Specimen Was A Nude Model Back In The 90s, And These Are Her Boyfriend's Private Collection Of Pics. Very Nice, Thanks Buddy.

Real Cancun

Added 2008-01-05 Bad Rating 49.6%

The Memories Of This Trip To Cancun Will Last A Lifetime. This Hot Mama Is A Health Professional In Seattle. She Broke Her Man's Heart Shortly After Their Return. Sorry.


Added 2008-01-05 Bad Rating 49.4%

What's Cookin' Good Lookin'? It Probably Is Too Hot For Me In This Kitchen. I'd Have To Seek Refuge In The Bedroom! Claudia Steams Up Her Exboyfriends Lens!


Added 2008-01-05 Bad Rating 47.2%

What A Transformation! I Wouldn't Hit A Guy With Glasses, And I Wouldn't Hit Ass On A Couger With Glasses Either. Lacey Goes From Gloomy To Gorgeous In 6 Pics! Thanks Brad.


Added 2008-01-04 Good Rating 50.3%

When You Marry A Blonde Who Works At A Strip Club, Supposedly As A Shooter Girl, You Are Asking For Trouble. Bill And Kassandra Lasted 4 Years. Sorry Bill.

Pat's Slutty Exwife

Added 2008-01-04 Bad Rating 47.8%

Pat's Exwife Pics Are Posted Upon His Request Today. She Was Sleeping With So Many Other Guys That He Had To Take Paternity Tests When They Divorced! Brutal.


Added 2008-01-04 Bad Rating 47.8%

Self Shots From A Slutty Couger Out Of West Virginia. I Bet She Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb In That Part Of The Country. Keep On Truckin' Babe!


Added 2008-01-04 Bad Rating 47.4%

This Horny Milf Is Nicola. What An Awesome Set Of This Mature Diva. Look At How She Plays To The Camera. That Only Comes From Years Of Experience!


Added 2008-01-03 Bad Rating 48.5%

Anabel Posed For These Pictures Specifically To Submit Them For Us! Thanks Babe, You Have A Gorgeous Pussy And I Love A Naked Couger With A Smile On Her Face!


Added 2008-01-03 Bad Rating 47%

Hot And Hairy Exwife Is A Mother Of 4! Peter From The Netherlands Exposes His Ex, And Says That Monique Is An Anal Sex Fiend.


Added 2008-01-03 Bad Rating 46.8%

Dave Submits His Hairy Woman Dee From Manchester. Whoa, I Thought It Was The French Who Didn't Own Razors! Thanks Guys, I Love A Little Hair.

Crazy Bitch

Added 2008-01-03 Bad Rating 46.4%

These Are Old Pictures Matt Scanned Of His Crazy Exwife. She Was Hot And Slutty, But She Went Nuts And Left Him Once The Kids Were Out Of The House.


Added 2008-01-02 Bad Rating 47.7%

Boricua's Exwife Lizzie Got Caught Fucking A Coworker Of His. She Was Doing Anal With Him, Which She Had Never Done With Bori.

Toy Whore

Added 2008-01-02 Bad Rating 48.2%

Steve's Exgirlfriend Was A Total Toy-whore. She Loved To Have Her Ass And Pussy Filled With Something To Stretch It Out Ever Wider!


Added 2008-01-02 Bad Rating 44.1%

This German Babe Is Sabrina. Our Submitter Says She Had A Terrible Personality, But That Wasn't Why He Was With Her. Thanks.


Added 2008-01-01 Bad Rating 49.1%

Mike Submits Some Pics Of His 46 Year Old Wife Joanne Teasing The Camera, And Then Some Of Her Flashing In Public. Thanks.

Baby Got Back

Added 2008-01-01 Bad Rating 48.7%

Baby Got Back! This Minx May Have Been In Her Prime When Sir Mix-a-Lot Was Hot! She Was Probably In The Video.


Added 2008-01-01 Bad Rating 48.1%

I Don't Know What Is More Deadly....this Girls Body, Or Her Tattoos? A Night With Her Is On My Bucket List.


Added 2008-01-01 Bad Rating 44.8%

This Is Diatra. She Is Jp's Wife From Belgium. Dang, That Is Some Serious Dexterity She's Showing. Pretty Limber For 40!

Milf Mix

Added 2007-12-31 Bad Rating 49.8%

BONUS - It's Amateur Milf-mix-Monday! Another Slew Of Mature Babes Gearing Down For Your Viewing Pleasure.


Added 2007-12-31 Bad Rating 49.6%

This Couger Works For Fed Ex. Too Bad, She Missed Her True Calling As A Stripper! Monique Looks Way Too Comfortable In That Mesh.


Added 2007-12-31 Bad Rating 48.9%

This Portuguese Girl Is Well Endowed In The Rear! Domitila Has Heard "culo Gigante" A Few Times In Her Home Town I'd Imagine. More Cushion For Pushin'!


Added 2007-12-31 Bad Rating 46.7%

Heather Starts Off A Little Slow, But She Ends Up Bare Ass Naked On The Couch Just Like All Your Dates In Highschool. Sexy!

Mesh Milf

Added 2007-12-31 Bad Rating 45.9%

This Lady Looks Just As Comfortable In The Mesh Suit As MoMo Did. She's Got A Few Years On Monique, But Is Still A Milf!

Sara And Marie

Added 2007-12-30 Good Rating 50.1%

Marie And Sara Meet Up With Nick Periodically At A Hotel In Phoenix To Have A Little Fun. Here Is A Glimpse Of What Life Should Be Like Everyday.


Added 2007-12-30 Bad Rating 48.3%

This Minx Is So Hot, She Could Be A Full On Model. She Is A Gorgeous And Mature Girl, And Every Feature Of Her Body Is Perfect If You Ask Me. Thanks Tess.


Added 2007-12-30 Bad Rating 48.1%

John Submits Pics Of Him Taking Advantage Of His Mistress While She Blindfolded. He Says That There Will Be A Video Coming Soon. Thanks John.

Dennis' Couger

Added 2007-12-30 Bad Rating 46.9%

Dennis Submits His Hot Exgirlfriend Who Looks Like She May Have Logged A Lot Of Party Miles, But Has Still Got It. Thanks Dennis.


Added 2007-12-29 Bad Rating 48.3%

Some New Pics Of Beautiful Ritta Tanning Nude. I Reposted The Beautiful Pics Of Her In Her Boots And Giving An Upskirt Because You All Loved Her.

Milf Blast

Added 2007-12-29 Bad Rating 47.4%

This Milf Takes A Serious Face Blast! She Is A Beautiful Mature Girl, And I Would Pick Her Over Most Teens Believe It Or Not.

Florida Babe

Added 2007-12-29 Bad Rating 46.4%

James Submits A Beautiful Thirty Something Year Old Babe He Met On Vacation In Florida. He Said He Had One Amazing Night With Her.


Added 2007-12-29 Bad Rating 46.2%

Carol Is Stuck In The 70s. Check Out The Carpet She's Squatting On, And She's Still Taking Glamor Shots Like She Did In Highschool!

Hairy Alert

Added 2007-12-28 Good Rating 50.4%

This Is For Hairy Lovers Only! Proceed With Caution If You Don't Enjoy An Unshaved Hairy European Snatch!

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