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Added 2008-01-30 Good Rating 50%

Jim's Slutty Housewife Loves To Take A Facial. He Says That Erin Is Ravenous For His "sauce". Wow, That's Pretty Graphic!


Added 2008-01-30 Good Rating 50.1%

Here Are Some Older Pictures That Had To Be Scanned, But They Are Good Ones. This Couger Gets A Healthy Dose Of Young Cock. Nice!


Added 2008-01-30 Bad Rating 48.7%

Wow, Another Sexy Lady For You Today. This One Loves To Play With Her Toys, And She Is Getting Into A Little Exhibitionism Too. Thanks.


Added 2008-01-30 Bad Rating 47.7%

This French Lady Is A Freak! Very Sexy, Mature And Not Shy Infornt Of The Camera. Here Is The Second Set Of Her!

British Swingers

Added 2008-01-29 Bad Rating 49.3%

This Is A British Swinger Party, With Three Mature Sluts Who Love To Suck Cocks And Get Facialed. Nice Work Gents!

Ravenous Milf

Added 2008-01-29 Bad Rating 49.1%

This Filthy Cumslut Has Been Getting It Done For Over 30 Years! She's Eager To Please, Check Her Out In More Pics In A Few Days!


Added 2008-01-29 Bad Rating 48.9%

Stay Tunned For The Second Half Of This Woman. Cyrille Is A Hot French Housewife With A Wild Streak In Her.

French Milfs

Added 2008-01-29 Bad Rating 48.7%

These Two Are French Milfs Who Love A Good Gangbang! They Are Pretty Hot Too, Marion And Fred Are The Two Gents Who Put It Together.

Double Trouble

Added 2008-01-28 Bad Rating 49.6%

Double Trouble! What Do You Do The Second That Two Randy Milfs Get Into Your Bed. If You Answered Get A Camera You Are Right. Get Naked Is Also Correct.


Added 2008-01-28 Bad Rating 49.1%

Susan Works Hard For The Camera. She Used To Do Porn Flicks In Her Younger Years, And Now She Has 2 Kids Under 5. These Pics Are From An Exboyfriends Camera.

French MILFS

Added 2008-01-28 Bad Rating 48.5%

These French Milfs Are Not Shy Infront Of The Camera. Damn, Not One Hot Madmoiselle, But Two!

Adam And Babe

Added 2008-01-28 Bad Rating 47.8%

Adam Snapped A Few Self Shots While Banging His Busty Blonde Girlfriend. Looks Like They Make Some Pretty Good Music Together. Thanks Guys.

Monday Milf Mix

Added 2008-01-28 Bad Rating 45%

BONUS - Today's Mix Gallery Is A Bit Of A Fetish Category. All Saggy Tits, All The Time!

Lesbian Threesome

Added 2008-01-27 Bad Rating 49%

You Don't Have To Be Well Hung To Command Three Mature Lesbians In Spain! This Guys Is Doing Pretty Well For Himself With These Older Ladies.


Added 2008-01-27 Bad Rating 49%

This Ebony Queen Is Packing Some Significant T&A And She Knows It! Venezolana Shows Off That Tail Every Chance She Gets.


Added 2008-01-27 Bad Rating 49.3%

Some Hardcore From Stacey In Minneapolis. I Guess Hairproducts Make The Best Makeshift Dildos.

Bryce's Fashion Show

Added 2008-01-27 Bad Rating 44.8%

Bryce Owned A Lingerie Shop, And His Now Exwife Used To Love To Model The Merchandise For Him After Hours. Here Is Some Of Her On The Catwalk.


Added 2008-01-26 Bad Rating 49%

This Senora Has A Fever, And The Only Prescription Is More Cock! Christina Is A Mother Of 2 And She's Working On Making Some More Ninos.

Texan Dames

Added 2008-01-26 Bad Rating 48.7%

Everything Is Done Bigger In Texas...including Lesbian Sex Between These Mature Babes. Thanks For The Show Girls.

Angel Nichole

Added 2008-01-26 Bad Rating 47.8%

Perfect Breasts On This Angel, And She Even Glows In The Dark! Thanks To Nichole And Andy For These Hot Pics!

Brandi 2

Added 2008-01-26 Bad Rating 46.5%

Here Is The Second Half Of Brandi Exploring The Depths Of Fetish Sex In Michigan. She Deepthroats And Does Some N.I.P. Today.

Nadege Threesome

Added 2008-01-25 Bad Rating 49.6%

Last Series Of Nadege, And We Have A Video Today Too. She Looks So Different With A Tan, And There Is An Age Gap In Some Of These Pics Too. Nice Threesome At The End.


Added 2008-01-25 Bad Rating 49%

Brandi And Her Man Are Down With The Funky Stuff! She's Into Pantyhose And Rimming Especially. Where In Michigan Do You Find A Girl Like That?

Bill's Prisoner

Added 2008-01-25 Bad Rating 47.3%

Bill Boasts Some Beautiful Pics Of His Babe's Shaved Pussy With Her Laying Helplessly In Handcuffs. Nice Work!


Added 2008-01-25 Bad Rating 47.2%

Sherri Requests A Lot Of Abuse From Her Man Too. She Loves Facials, Anal, And Watersports As Well. She Even Puts Her Panties Away When She's Done With Them!


Added 2008-01-24 Good Rating 50.9%

This Mexican Couple Sent Me These Pictures. I Didn't Understand Most Of What They Wrote, But Sex Is The Universal Language.

Elsa And Friends 2

Added 2008-01-24 Bad Rating 49.2%

Second Set Of Elsa Getting It On With Her Friends In Punta Cana. I Love How Freaky These Two Girls Are Together, Strap On Sex And Everything. Thanks!


Added 2008-01-24 Bad Rating 48.8%

Chris Found This Woman Who Loves Being His Sex Slave, And Wants To Be Shown Off On The Internet. Sure Chris, We'll Help You Degrade Her!


Added 2008-01-24 Bad Rating 48.5%

Nadege Finally Gives Up Some Nude Shots! Tomorrow She'll Do A Little Hardcore Too. I Love The Pics Of Her In Those Boots With The Dark Tan.

Elsa 1

Added 2008-01-23 Bad Rating 48.9%

The First Of Two Sets Of Pics I Have From A Guy Who Went On A Number Of Trips With His Exgirlfriend Elsa And Another Couple. Enjoy.

French Cream Pie

Added 2008-01-23 Bad Rating 47.9%

This 52 Year Old French Brunette Gets An Oozing Creampie At A Swinger Party. Sopping Hairy Pussy!

Nadege 3

Added 2008-01-23 Bad Rating 46.7%

Some More Of Nadege. I Think She Truly Believes She's A Model, She Does Have Her Moments. I Assure You That Things Will Heat Up!


Added 2008-01-22 Good Rating 50%

I Used To Get Frustrated By How Slow A Canoe Ride Could Be. Now I Know The Secret. Bring You Wife! Thanks Ron.


Added 2008-01-22 Good Rating 50.5%

Brenda And Jackson Use Some Familiar Characters To Clear The Hair Off Of That Beautiful Pussy Of Hers. Kermit Is The Man! Thanks Guys.


Added 2008-01-22 Good Rating 50.1%

Danielle Has A 3 Year Old From A Previous Marriage, But She Puts The Kid To Bed And Goes Out Looking For Dinner. Andrew Fed Her On This Night!


Added 2008-01-22 Bad Rating 48.7%

Nadege Part 2. She Goes A Bit Farther Today, And We Get Some Nice Nude Shots From Behind. Stay Tuned For Some More Of Her Tomorrow.


Added 2008-01-21 Good Rating 50.1%

I Got An Enormous Amount Of Photos From An Angry Exhusband Today Of His Hot Exwife Nadege. Stay Tuned Over The Next Few Days For All The Pics.

Simon's Wife

Added 2008-01-21 Bad Rating 49.6%

Simon Abuses His Hot Wife On Camera, And She Loves It. Where Do You Find A Woman Like This Hot Mature Babe?

Josh And Mon. 2

Added 2008-01-21 Bad Rating 48.8%

Part 2 Of Monica And Josh Today. This One Has Some Sex Appeal. I Like When She's Wearing Her Glasses And Is Trying To Play A Schoolgirl. What A Fox.


Added 2008-01-21 Bad Rating 47.3%

This Is How You Keep Your Wife In Line In Russia. Aglaya Stares Down The Barrel Of Her Husbands Piece And Gets Unloaded On. Thanks Zhenya

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