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Ex Couger

Added 2008-11-02 Good Rating 53.1%

This Was An Exgirlfriend Of One Of Our Viewers. She Wasn't The Hottest Couger In The Bar, But She Sure Did Try Hard. Nice Waxed Pussy!


Added 2008-11-02 Good Rating 52.9%

Eddie Wants To Start A Family With Carla, But Every Time He Has Planted The Seed, She Has Pushed The Red Button.

Banana Milf

Added 2008-11-02 Good Rating 52.4%

Banana Buried Deep In A Hot Milf's Pussy. Only She Has Taken The Peel Off So That It Can Be Eaten Straight Out Of Her.

Foot And Stocking

Added 2008-11-02 Good Rating 51.5%

A Nice Stocking Fantasy For All Those Foot And Pantyhose Lovers. I've Never Had A Foot Job. Does That Really Work?

Shaved Chick

Added 2008-11-01 Good Rating 53.3%

Perfect Little Shaved Pussy On This Mature Lady. She Is Still In Her Prime Though. I Would Tax That Ass Like George W. Bush.


Added 2008-11-01 Good Rating 52.1%

Lesley Does Some Nice Stocking And Foot Fetish Pictures, And She Also Gets The Job Done With A Vibrator. Thanks!

35 Year Old Pool Pussy

Added 2008-11-01 Good Rating 51.9%

She Is Keeping It Together Nicely, But Those 35 Years Are Starting To Show. I Will Catch Her At 40 When She's Really Mature!

Austin Couger

Added 2008-11-01 Good Rating 51.7%

This Is A Hot Couger. I Would Love To Hit This, Even In My Teenage Years. I Bet She Gets A Lot Of Business Down In Austin.


Added 2008-10-31 Good Rating 54%

This Is The First Of Two Series Of Pictures Of This Beauty. She Is Hot, And There Is Another Block Of Pictures Next.

Vacation Pussy

Added 2008-10-31 Good Rating 52.8%

This Is A Fucking Gorgeous Piece Of Vacation Pussy That Nick Hit While He Was Vacationing In Amsterdam.


Added 2008-10-31 Good Rating 52.1%

Part Two Of Our Filthy Little Cock Sucker. You Can't Get A Hot Young Thing Like This To Work On Her Knees Without Paying Her.


Added 2008-10-31 Good Rating 51.7%

Old Pictures Of The "evil Exwife Jody". She Doesn't Look All That Bad, Big Tits And A Hairy Beaver. Just The Way I Like It.

Bank Babe

Added 2008-10-30 Good Rating 54.5%

This Girl Was An Intern At Carl's London Office. He Is In Banking, And She Is Without A Job Now....needless To Say.


Added 2008-10-30 Good Rating 53.5%

This Is Alicia. She Is The Queen Of The Gangbang Whenever Her Swinger Club Gets Together, And She Loves Anal.


Added 2008-10-30 Good Rating 52.5%

This Guy Must Have Discovered Some New Kind Of Drug That Makes You Irresistible To Women. Otherwise He Wouldn't Even Have One.


Added 2008-10-30 Good Rating 51.1%

Interracial Pics Of A Black Guy Preying On A Hairy Italian Girl. Daddy's Worst Nightmare! Nice Job Allen.


Added 2008-10-29 Good Rating 53.6%

A Naked Outdoor Adventure For Joanne. It Looks Like It Was Freezing Out There, Judging By Her Erect Nipples.


Added 2008-10-29 Good Rating 52.8%

Marcus Has A Really Hot Wife. She Is Not Shy To Show Off For The Camera Too. They Sent Me 60 Pics And I Picked The Best Ones.

Hot Mistress

Added 2008-10-29 Good Rating 52.6%

Some Pictures Of Chris Getting Balls Deep In His Young Mistress' Mouth And Ass. Some Guys Are Lucky Bastards!

Pig Roast

Added 2008-10-29 Good Rating 51.3%

Nothing Like Getting A Blowjob After A Night At The Bar From A Fat Country Pig. Buddy Should Put Down The Camera And Roast Her.


Added 2008-10-28 Good Rating 52.7%

Cate Loves Having Her Chubby Little Spot Filled. She Is A Single Mom, Looking For A Guy To Help Her Out. Any Takers?


Added 2008-10-28 Good Rating 52.6%

Nastiest Cumslut In Kentucky Finally Has The Platform She's Been Looking For. Nice Freaky MILF For Us!

Polish Swingers

Added 2008-10-28 Good Rating 52.3%

Wild Polish Swingers Going Nuts In Public. Why Don't We Have Clubs Like This In America? Good Looking Women Too.


Added 2008-10-28 Good Rating 51.2%

A Little Amateur Porn Shoot Went Down The Other Day In Kansas. Here Is What They Ended Up With.

Emeiln's Hooker

Added 2008-10-27 Good Rating 53.4%

Not Sure Why Emeiln Submitted These To SYM Instead Of SYE, But I'm Not Complaining. Hot Hooker He Fucked And Took POV Pics.


Added 2008-10-27 Good Rating 51.9%

No Name For This MILF. Does Anybody Recognize Her? Nice Hairy Snatch On This Bird! Love It, Thanks For The Pics.


Added 2008-10-27 Good Rating 51.6%

Cumshots Striking Wendy In The Face And On Her Wrinkled Tits. She Sucks A Mean Dick And Gets The Payload.

Lucky Man

Added 2008-10-26 Good Rating 54.8%

Awesome Pics Of This Amateur Wife Taking It Hard In The Ass. She Is Beautiful, I Love Her Naked On The Beach.

Mexican Couple

Added 2008-10-26 Good Rating 52.1%

I Guess This Couple Wanted To Spice Things Up By Showing The World Their Sex. Living In Mexico City, She Is Hot!

Beautiful Goddess

Added 2008-10-26 Good Rating 51.4%

This Young Wife Is A Goddess. I Could Stare At This Pussy All Day. This Is One Woman I Think I Actually Could Marry.

Odessa Ho

Added 2008-10-26 Good Rating 50.4%

This One Is Ukrainian, Living In Odessa. She Is Well Known Around Those Parts, But Isn't A Pro. Despite What You May Of Thought.

Hot Spanish Chick

Added 2008-10-25 Good Rating 52.8%

Alroy Makes A Good Case For Marrying Young, While Your Woman Is Still Slutty And Willing To Fuck Vegetables.

Fisting Milfs

Added 2008-10-25 Good Rating 51%

Two Milfs And A Lucky Man Having Fun Finding Out What They Can Fit In Each Other. That Pussy Looked Tight!


Added 2008-10-25 Good Rating 51.5%

Nice Mature Bird, Nothing Up Top, But A Nice Bearded Clam Down Below. I'd Tear That Ass Up! Thanks Heidi.


Added 2008-10-25 Bad Rating 49.6%

Reformed Slut Becomes A Perfect Housewife. Well Clint Says She Isn't Perfect When It Comes To Housework, But She Fucks!

Hot Honeymoon

Added 2008-10-24 Good Rating 52.5%

Awesome Honeymoon Beach Pussy. One Of The Hottest Young Wives I Have Ever Seen. You Are A Lucky Bastard Shawn.


Added 2008-10-24 Good Rating 50.5%

Annette Is Currently Pulling A Quarterback Keeper On Our Submitter. It'll Be Her First Baby, And Her Tits Will Be Even Bigger!


Added 2008-10-24 Good Rating 50.1%

A Little Husband And Wife Stuff From Tom And His Ex Allie. Things Were Great Until She Suddenly Gave Him The Clap.

Hungry Wife

Added 2008-10-24 Bad Rating 49.4%

Pictures Of The Wife From Frank. She Is 40 Something And Still Hungry For Cock. I Will Send You Some Viagra, So You Can Stay In The Game Buddy!


Added 2008-10-23 Good Rating 53.9%

Tamara Tries To Hide Her Face, But We Can Still See Her Promiscuous Ass! I Love Seeing A Kilt On An Older Woman.

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